Virtual and Traditional

CPR/BLS Instructor Training 

Virtual CPR/BLS Instructor Training 

Virtual instructor training students will work at their own pace to complete the online Instructor Essentials course.  Once part one is complete, students will schedule a 4 hour Zoom session which will cover:

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Pricing

  • Equipment

  • Operations

The last step is to monitor the student teaching a CPR class.  Don't worry you'll upload a video to an app we use for monitoring.  

Traditional Classroom CPR/BLS Instructor Training 

Students attend an in-person 8-hour training.  This training is available once a month. Monitoring is required and is not included in the 8-hour training. 

Becoming a CPR Instructor 

This program is for people looking to be an in-house instructor at the workplace as well as someone looking to teach CPR to make extra income.  If you're looking to make extra income, start your own business or you need an in-house CPR/BLS instructor, we offer CPR Instructor training once a month.  

During CPR Instructor training we provide the core of what you need to know to be an American Heart Association (AHA) instructor from teaching skills to AHA guidelines and proper procedures.   Additionally, we teach the business side of CPR/BLS instructing which includes marketing, class pricing,  equipment needs and more to ensure you're set up for success.  

Teaching onsite

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Ongoing Support for Any Day CPR Instructors 

  • Ongoing support via email, text and FB messager 7 days a week

  • No Annual Fee (our TC doesn't charge and neither do we)

  • No Bi-Yearly Instructor Renewal Fee

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Discount on 8-week self-paced Hit the Ground Running Course

  • Card orders filled within 24 hours

  • Electronic based paperwork filing


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CPR/BLS Instructor Training 

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