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Active Violence Emergency Response Training


Learn how to respond in case of an active-shooter situation and empower your team to save lives!

With AVERT – Active Violence Emergency Response Training – you’ll learn how to recognize the signs of danger,
react appropriately, and make rapid survival decisions when every second counts. AVERT goes beyond active shooter response training by teaching how to control life-threatening bleeding.

AVERT gives you the tools to react in an emergency.

You can’t always wait for EMS to arrive when a violent situation occurs because it may be too late. AVERT empowers you to become an immediate on-scene responder by giving you the tools to react quickly in life-threatening situations and be prepared for potentially violent situations. After an AVERT training session (approx. 2.5 hours), your team will be able to:

  • Recognize potential warning signs using situational awareness

  • Decide what to do: Escape, Evade, or Attack

  • Apply critical bleeding control techniques in life-saving situations

  • Respond quickly and confidently in an emergency

  • Develop and review an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for your team


On-Site AVERT Training for Your Team

AVERT training teaches you to be an immediate responder. Use the link below for On-Site AVERT Training to train your team and be prepared.

AVERT Training_Map of Shootings in US.png

Unfortunately, active shooter incidents are on the rise.

Active shooter situations in the U.S. are happening more frequently, and you never know where or when you may be the victim of a violent situation. AVERT takes training that was originally created for first responders and makes it accessible for anyone. You’ll learn to recognize the warning signs of potential violence, and you’ll practice the three important techniques for reacting to an active shooter.

Learn how to prepare your organization to anticipate and respond quickly in real life-threatening situations. The cost is only $750 for up to 15 people.

Who can benefit from taking the AVERT program?

Everyone will gain important knowledge and skills from AVERT’s unique combination of active shooter response training and bleeding control techniques designed to stop bleeding in an emergency. AVERT training is beneficial and appropriate for all industries and types of venues, such as:

Places of Workship.png
Places of Worship
First Responder.png
First Responders

AVERT was developed by professionals with expertise in law enforcement, private security, and medical training. The skills once reserved for first responders are now made accessible to the public, providing critical training skills and teaching people how to help themselves and others.

AVERT_bleeding-control_DSC9783 (1).jpg

How the AVERT program works:

AVERT is delivered in a “blended” course format. This means participants will first receive online training introducing them to the subject. This will ensure preparedness for the instructor-led session. The instructor-led session lasts approximately three hours, is in-person, and includes dynamic hands-on training, realistic drills and education as well as encouraging feedback. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 15 people or less per instructor. Our goal is that every participant will leave the AVERT program having the confidence to respond.

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