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Does Your Construction Site Have a CPR and First Aid Provider on Staff?

Construction CPR and first aid courses remain vital for construction workers, as these employees are exposed to a wide range of hazards day after day. From accidents with heavy equipment to emergencies caused by overhead loads, the stresses of construction can increase the chances of one or more of your employees suffering a medical emergency.

Fortunately, Any Day CPR Training offers a vast array of construction first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training courses, ensuring your firm is ready to handle emergencies.

CPR at a Construction Site

Generally, severe injuries and high stress environments can cause cardiac arrest or increase the risk of arrhythmias, which affect blood flow and oxygenation of the blood. Upon taking a course, you will be able to swiftly examine symptoms that are related to cardiac arrest. So, if an individual becomes injured, they can immediately receive life-saving treatments. These techniques can increase the survival rate, minimize long-term complications, and help first responders. Additionally, you can quickly give instructions to other bystanders who may contact emergency responders and describe the injuries.

Any Day CPR Training serves as a top choice for first aid and CPR training for a number of reasons:

  • Flexible – We’ll conduct CPR classes for your construction workers at your location or on a construction site. We can hold classes at any time of day that works with your work schedule.

  • Affordable – With our value-added pricing program, Any Day CPR Training offers the best construction first aid and CPR training at a low cost.

  • Convenience – With same-day certification cards and efficient instruction, your construction crew can acquire essential basic first aid training in no time.

  • Customization – Our training can be customized for any schedule, and we work with small, medium-size and large construction companies, too.


Any Day CPR’s basic first aid training for construction purposes covers the following areas:

  • Patient assessment

  • Trauma (bleeding wounds)

  • Muscle and bone Injuries

  • Asthma

  • Seizures

  • Allergic reactions

  • Heat and cold emergencies

Whether it’s establishing a 24/7 emergency response team or providing first aid construction training to one or two workers (shift supervisors, foremen, etc.), our basic first aid and CPR construction classes are designed to fit your schedule and bottom line.

In addition, Any Day CPR devotes the necessary time and resources to ensure you can make the most of your first aid training. We recognize that basic first aid skills can be learned in a relatively short amount of time, so our training is particularly convenient for construction firms with busy schedules. Also, we realize that training takes workers away from their regular duties, so our basic first aid certification for construction purposes are designed for optimum knowledge acquisition without the need for days of training.


CPR training for construction may involve individual members, such as a supervisor, foreman or shift worker, or an entire group. And whatever your CPR training construction plans are, Any Day CPR can help certify your employees.

Having a dependable CPR team readily available remains essential for construction companies of all sizes. And with Any Day CPR’s classes, you can learn what it takes to establish effective emergency response units are designed to fit your schedule and bottom line.


According to OSHA, bloodborne pathogens consist of “microorganisms that are transmitted through the bloodstream.” The most common cause of transmission in the workplace is when an infected person’s blood enters another person’s bloodstream through an open wound, OSHA notes. OSHA also pointed out for a bloodborne pathogen to be spread, the bodily fluids of an infected person must enter into the bloodstream of another person.

OSHA’s bloodborne pathogen standard does not apply to all construction work. However, employees who are required to perform maintenance activities could be exposed to blood or other potentially infectious materials. Thus, OSHA mandates a construction company protect these workers against bloodborne pathogens by requiring a bloodborne pathogens certification.

Federal guidelines sometimes can be difficult to fulfill. But with Any Day CPR, construction companies can obtain the bloodborne pathogen certification along with their CPR and First Aid training. As such, these businesses can reduce the risk of health and safety dangers as well as penalties due to non-compliance.

Give your construction employees the first aid and CPR training they need with support from Any Day CPR. To learn more about Any Day CPR’s first aid and CPR classes, please visit our website or contact us at (866)-CPR-4093.

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